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Our NEW Friends @ ACCURAIL will have MNP Install the US Patented Dual Motorized Track Cleaning Car System into the Selected line of HO 40' Box Cars.  

40' Transition Era DCC Dual Motorized Track Cleaning Cars RTR!! 

Note: Roadnames & CARS available only from ACCURAIL.

Series No.s  BELOW: 

3100-40' Plug Door Boxcar  3100 SERIES 40' Plug Door Boxcars

3400-40'PS-1 Boxcar 3400 SERIES 40-Foot PS-1 Boxcars

3500-40' Single Door Boxcar 3500 SERIES 40-Foot Single Door Boxcars

3600-40' Double Door Boxcar 3600 SERIES 40-Foot Double Door Boxcars

3800-40' Combo Door Boxcar  3800 Series 40' Combo Door Boxcar

              Transition Era box car!

Key Benefits:

MNP Inc. United States Patent #5,816,168
ACCURAIL 40' Box Car, Transition Era
RTR, DCC Installed.NCE D13SRJ Decoder
4 Function Decoder, Control your speed & Direction.
3 Options to add a FRED, Marz Lights, etc...
2 Dual High Torque Geared Motors
2  Pressure Sensitive Disc.
8 Easy Peel & Stick Pads.
2 Adjustable Cleaning Disc.
2 Kadee Couplers
6 extra Cleaning pads

* SEE Accurail's Website for more Roadnames too! *

MNP will be glad to use your car for your special Roadname or just simply change the box. See your local hobby shop! Also, 50' for requests only.

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Description SKU # MNP Price
Green Bay & Wisconsin (3118)   OUT  
C & O (3440)  


A C L (3628)  


Burlington Northern (3806)   OUT  
Northern Pacific (3810)   OUT  
Great Northern (3811)   OUT  
Western Pacific (3620)   OUT  
P.G.E. (3812)   IN  
C & O (3514)   OUT  
Pennsylvania (3421)    OUT  
Data Yellow (3195)    OUT  
Leigh Valley(3536)    OUT   
Reading (3538)   OUT  
Frisco (3544)   IN  
B & O (3611.1)   IN  
D & G R W (3632)   IN  
Great Northern (38111)    IN  
Wabash (3125)   IN  
Great Northern (3814)    IN  
Milwaukee Road (36161)   IN  
Northern Pacific (3810.1)   IN  
Canadian Pacific (3633)   IN  
NYC (3603.1)   IN  
Chessie (3446)   IN  
C B & Q (3816)   IN  
Texas Rio Grande (SPECIAL)   IN  
Cleaning Pads (HO) 3/4"  Dia. (12/bag) CP1-HO01   $6.00

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